AADGBE - Dropped A


Weasel Walter while in Lake of Dracula along with Them Crooked Vultures use an alternate dropped A tuning in which a guitar, tuned to E Standard is dropped to a low A on the 6th string, resulting in AADGBE with the 6th and 5th strings an octave apart. Them Crooked Vultures use it in "No One Loves Me & Neither Do I". This tuning was previously used on the Foo Fighters song "Stacked Actors", on the Filter song "Welcome to the Fold" and on Muse's "Citizen Erased".

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Songs tuned to AADGBE

Artist Song Album Tab
Them Crooked Vultures No One Loves Me
Them Crooked Vultures Neither Do I
Foo Fighters Stacked Actors View Tab
Foo Fighters Welcome to the Fold
Muse Citizen Erased View Tab
Fink all cried out
Muse supremecy the 2nd law
Melvins Boris Bullhead
The Safety Fire Huge Hammers Grind The Ocean
Muse Supremacy The 2nd Law
Them Crooked Vultures No one loves me and Neither do I Them crooked vultures
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