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Oh Sleeper tuning for Hush Yael

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Songs tuned to AGCFAD

Artist Song Album Tab
Mastodon Mother Puncher Remission View Tab
The Carrier all thats left to see blind to what is right
The Carrier into darkness blind to what is right
Mastodon March of the Fire Ants Remission
Mastodon Crack The Skye Crack The Skye
Periphery Muramasa Periphery II: This Time It's Personal
Mastodon Aqua Dementia Leviathan
Mastodon Curl of the Burl The Hunter
Mastodon All the Heavy Lifting The Hunter
Mastodon Bedazzled Fingernails The Hunter
Mastodon Call of the Mastodon Call of the Mastodon
Mastodon Deep Sea Creature Call of the Mastodon
Periphery The Bad Thing Juggernaut: Omega
Periphery Alpha Juggernaut: Alpha
Mastodon High Road Once More 'Round the Sun
Periphery Lune Periphery III: Select Difficulty
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