CACGCE - Open C6


Open C Tuning is an open tuning for guitar. CACGCE is the one used for the instrumental Bron-y-Aur. Tune the low-pitched E down two full notes to a C. Tune the D string down one full note to a C. Tune the B string up one-half note to a C (careful on that one it always feels like it s going to break when I do it)

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Songs tuned to CACGCE

Artist Song Album Tab
Led Zeppelin Bron Yr Aur Physical Graffiti II View Tab
Led Zeppelin Friends View Tab
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club awake B.R.M.C
Mumford And Sons Little Lion Man
Mumford And Sons little loinman
Soundgarden Head Down Superunknown
Mumford And Sons I Will Wait Babel
Mumford And Sons Sigh No More Sigh No More
Mumford And Sons Sigh No More Sigh No More
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