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The guitar from the cover of Room for Squares is a Novax Expression Solidbody 6 guitar with fanned frets \(for multiscale purposes along different strings\) and is the guitar which Mayer plays on Neon. Neon is the only song from the album that Mayer used this guitar for and he has the guitar tuned uniquely with the low E string dropped to C \(i.e. CADGBe or standard tuning with a low C\). The style employed by Mayer for the piece is noted for the strumming hand only using the thumb and index finger. Whilst performing the song live Mayer is known to play a lengthy introduction before beginning the song.

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Songs tuned to CADGBE

Artist Song Album Tab
Tallest Man Omn Earth Sparrow and the Medicine
The Tallest Man On Earth Sparrow and the Medicine
Ed Gerhard moon river pink guitar
Gorillaz Feels Good Inc bassrhythm fusion View Tab
Nickelback Woke Up This Morning
John Mayer Neon Room For Squares
Rammstein Los Reise Reise View Tab
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Y control Fever to Tell
Bob Dylan Its All Over Now Baby Blue Bringing It All Back Home
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