CGCGCD - C Modal


A very useful tuning is CGCGCD which has much in common with DADGAD. Both tunings have 3 strings tuned as the main root note of the tuning 2 strings being the 5th and one odd string out. In DADGAD the odd string out is the G which in the key of D is the 4th. In CGCGCD the odd string is the D which in the key of C is the 2nd.

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Songs tuned to CGCGCD

Artist Song Album Tab
Nic Jones Canadee-I-O View Tab
Led Zeppelin The Rain Song
Al Petteway Funky C Funky Do Caledon Wood
The Tea Party winter solstice
Nick Drake canadee-i-o penguin eggs
Kaki King Fortuna Everybody Loves You
The Tallest Man On Earth Wind and Walls There's No Leaving Now
Jay Farrar (Woody Guthrie) Hoping Machine New Multitudes
Owen An Island The King of Whys View Tab
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