It uses the three notes that form the triad of a C major chord: C the root note\; G the perfect fifth; and E the major third. Used by Justin Hayward \(Moody Blues\) acoustic guitar on Question \(Question of Balance LP\). Also used extensively by John Butler.

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Songs tuned to CGCGCE

Artist Song Album Tab
Led Zeppelin Friends
Led Zeppelin Friends Led Zepplin III View Tab
The Tallest Man On Earth King of Spain The Wild Hunt
Ewan Dobson I Know Your Pain
Ewan Dobson Time View Tab
Ewan Dobson Time 2
Ewan Dobson Happy Hardcore
Ewan Dobson Eurodance
Ewan Dobson Blood and Ice
Ewan Dobson Korobeiniki
Ewan Dobson Disk Read Error
John Butler Trio Ocean Live at Red Rocks View Tab
Ben Howard Old Pine Every Kingdom View Tab
Bous Like Girls
Goo Goo Dolls Without You Here Let Love In
Owen Gazebo Owen - EP View Tab
Slipknot psychosocial
Beetles Blackbird
Justin Bieber ocean
John Butler What You Want
Boys Like Girls Ft. Taylor Swift Two Is Better Than One View Tab
Elliott Smith
Guns N' Roses Dont Cry
Bullet For My Valentine
The Devil Wears Prada born to lose dead throne
Devin Townsend Ki Ki
Moody Blues Question
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