DADFAD - D Minor


Very similar to DADEAD; only 1 string is changed moving the G string up 1 semitone to an F. DADFAD is an open D minor chord. There is not much information about the tuning on the internet but it certainly gets a lot of attention here. It very easy to get to this tuning from the also popular DADF#AD open D Major tuning. Moving the G string up only one semitone transforming the guitar from Minor into Major.

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Songs tuned to DADFAD

Artist Song Album Tab
Nick Drake One of These Things First Bryter Layter View Tab
Luka Bloom Its not good enough
John Cephas John Henry
The Eagles Bitter Creek
Skip James Cherry Ball Blues
Skip James Devil Got My Woman
Skip James Illinois Blues
Joni Mitchell Day After Day View Tab
Joni Mitchell Harlem In Havana
Joni Mitchell Pirate Of Penance
Joni Mitchell Rainy Night House View Tab
The Tallest Man On Earth Walk The Line The Tallest Man on Earth View Tab
Mumford & Sons I Gave You All Sigh No More View Tab
Laura Marling Night After Night A Creature I Don't Know View Tab
Opeth Ghost Of Perdition Ghost Reveries
Opeth The Baying Of The Hounds Ghost Reveries
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