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Twinkly emo music.

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Songs tuned to DAEAC#E

Artist Song Album Tab
Tiny Moving Parts Always Focused Pleasant Living
Algernon Cadwallader Spit Fountain Fun EP View Tab
Midwest Pen Pals Austins House Inside Jokes
Algernon Cadwallader Horror Some Kind Of Cadwallader
Free Throw Tongue Tied Those Days Are Gone
Tiny Moving Parts Dakota This Couch Is Long And Full Of Friendship
Tiny Moving Parts Happy Birthday Celebrate
Nothing,nowhere. Im Sorr Im Trying I'm Sorry, I'm Trying
Wept Brushwork Dress Me Like I'm Yours
Tiny Moving Parts Clouds Above My Head This Couch Is Long And Full Of Friendship
Nothing,nowhere. Letdown Letdown
Tiny Moving Parts Sundress Pleasant Living
Tiny Moving Parts Boxcar Pleasant Living
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