DGDGBE - G6. Drop DG


Often used in Classical Music. Alternatively, fantastic substitute for Open G. Any chords and scales using the top four strings of Standard remain unchanged in this tuning, likewise for the bottom five strings of Open G.

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Songs tuned to DGDGBE

Artist Song Album Tab
Soundgarden Fresh Tendrils Superunknown
Soundgarden Superunknown Superunknown
Tommy Emmanuel Cowboys Dream The Mystery
Zone Secret Base [Anohana] 10 years after View Tab
Chet Atkins vincent
Queens Of The Stone Age The Fun Machine Took A Shit And Died Era Vulgaris
Chet Atkins Yellow Bird This Is Chet Atkins
Chet Atkins Both Sides Now This Is Chet Atkins
Tom Petty I Should Have Known It Mojo
Calum Graham Farewell
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