EAEAC#E - Open A


"""This open A tuning is very popular tunings for Blues players and Blues songs. Robert Johnson uses it extensively on songs such as """"Cross Road Blues"""" and """"Walkin Blues"""". John Lee Hooker has been known to use this tuning as well; """"My First Wife Left Me"""" and """"Bottle Up and Go"""" to name a few."""



Songs tuned to EAEAC#E

Artist Song Album Tab
Howlin Wolf Little Red Rooster His Greatest Sides Vol 1 Tab
Robert Johnson Come On In My Kitchen Tab
Robert Johnson Cross Road Blues Tab
Robert Johnson If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day Tab
Robert Johnson Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Robert Johnson Milkcows Calf Blues
Robert Johnson Traveling Riverside Blues
Robert Johnson Walkin Blues
Eric Clapton Lonely Years
John Lee Hooker Bottle Up And Go
The White Stripes Seven Nation Army Elephant
Johnny Lee Hooker boom boom
Led Zeppelin In My Time of Dyin Physical Graffiti
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