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Khaki Cuffs

Artist Song Tuning Tab
Khaki CuffsCool Cat Saves The KidsDADAC#E
Khaki CuffsHow To Turn Your Emotional Anguish Into Cold Hard CashDADAC#E
Khaki CuffsI Used To Steal A Lot From Grocery Stores As A KidDADAC#E
Khaki CuffsI Push Mongo Fuck YouDADAC#E
Khaki CuffsDrake Taco BellDADAC#E
Khaki CuffsWow College Sure Is A Lot Harder The Second SemesterDADAC#E
Khaki CuffsThe Green Day Slackers Vs The Ford BroncosDADAC#E
Khaki CuffsI Am Fairly Certain That Frankie From No Option Hates MeDADAC#E
Khaki CuffsCaffeine CopsDADADE
Khaki CuffsYellow Means Floor ItDADADE