Artist: Nick Drake, Title: Black Eyed Dog

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Nick Drake - Black Eyed Dog

BLACK EYED DOG     Tuning: GGDxxx (bottom E up to G)- if you don't want to take your bottom string up to a G you could  avoid or take off the bottom string and tune the other 5 to GGDxx   (using a capo is another option but puts the song very high up   the neck)- you might also want to tune the top 3 strings to GBD,  even though they are not played, as they can then resonate  along with the tune, and also any accidental hits will sound OK.   Interestingly, this gives the same tuning as Rider On The Wheel,   from the same sessions.     note - the right hand technique is crucial to this song. I find using the side of a fat plectrum, held stiffly andplayed very close to the bridge to be the most convincing. You might want to experiment. The track also uses lotsof reverb.          
Intro (timing is a bit free):     

key - H=12th fret harmonic, X=10, T=12      the notes in brackets are played 2nd time around     notes - 1. the 9X is a hammer, followed by  a slide to the T.2. it's important to have your guitar in tune, because even though the D string is fretted in bar 1, the previous harmonic resonates with the bottom two strings and continues to sound!     



Main riff and verse:     

    -     -   -    -   - -            -     - - -    - - - - 

(The underlined notes on the D string should be stressed; the rest are picked quietly or damped)     
notes - 1. the unstressed X's and 9's in the first two bars are almost completely damped by the left hand as it moves from one position to the next, so don't try too hard to make them sound! 2. the three stressed X's in bar three should get progressively louder, the last one ringing out despite the following quietbrushes of the plectrum. This is a bit tricky, but playing close to the bridge helps a lot.          

Instrumental bit (after "growing old and I wanna go home" bit):  

     -     -   -    -   - - - -        -   - -   -    -   - -

notes - 1. V=15th fret, F=14th. Sorry about all the letters. 2. The first V rings out a bit.3. the X-T is a slide.     

next instrumental bit:     

|----------------|----------------|  and repeat 

-  -  -  -  -
|----------------|----------------|  and repeat 

notes -1. the playing is rather more even here, so although there is some emphasis, I've omitted the underlining in all but one bar as it's probably as confusing as it is useful. Just listen to the track... 2. the 0's on the D string are caused by lifting the left hand as it moves down the neck. Obviously they're short and quiet notes.3. you could play the low G on the other open G string (or both) but I find the left hand tends to interfere with it a bit.     
Final two bars:     
    -   - -   -    -   - -

Tabbed by Chris Healey