Artist: Stone Temple Pilots, Title: Lounge Fly

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Stone Temple Pilots - Lounge Fly

Rig information about guitarist dean deleo says he has a tele tuned DADFAD for Lounge Fly

"2009 Bruce Nelson T-style
Dean: "He is just an incredible luthier. He builds really, really fine instruments like the Tele- [style]. I have three [T-style guitars] he’s built me, and he’s built me a Strat-style. And what he’s just building for me now, it’ll be very close to the Gibson Les Paul Special with the P-90s. He’s just putting the finishing touches to that now.

“His guitars are great because in the studio, when you start layering guitars, and sometimes you can’t get them in tune – it’s really frustrating. But his... perfect! It’s such a peace of mind when you start layering guitars and they’re just perfectly in tune. It makes the recording process so much more delightful.”

Bruce builds really, really fine instruments

Dean DeLeo
Bruce: “This is the first guitar I built for Dean. It has Lindy Fralin pickups in it, although I’ve now switched to using Lollars [for builds]. It’s swamp ash so it’s fairly light, and the neck is chunky but comfortable. Kind of a soft V-shape. 

"The [bridge] is Callaham and it’s made of steel so it resonates. It’s currently tuned to D minor for Lounge Fly. The serial number on this is his birthday and on every subsequent guitar I’ve made for him has been a birthday; of his kids or wife.”

Pointing to that last part ^

Tab? All the tabs are incorrect, this is the most correct performance available though as its in the correct d minor DADFAD tuning.