Artist: Nick Drake, Title: Northern Sky

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Nick Drake - Northern Sky

Tuning: BEBEBE capo 4

Intro (for completists only):

 *  && *          +  && +          *                +   @

1. damp the top string at * and the lowest E string at +.      
2. the notes at & are lightly brushed - probably just thumb passing
across the strings.
3. the open string at @ needs to be quiet.
4. H - sounds like a harmonic... but i don't think it is. the pitch
is the same as the open top string, but there's no easy harmonic position
to do this. I think it's actually the open top string with a momentary bit
of muting - perhaps nick's big left hand was just touching lightly on the
top string by the capo fret. If you want to do it, it's perhaps easiest
to rest your picking ring finger lightly on the saddle and pluck the note with
your thumb. Anyway, it's a nice detail, though any
sane person would probably just hit the open top string instead!

Easy version of intro:

02024x  02024x/0  2x400x  2x400x  (link picking as above)
02024x  020240 (link pick) 2x400x  2x400x  (link pick)

Main riff inc verses:

02024x  2x4000

"but now you're here..."     x22222
" northern sky.."  5555xx x00000 and into main riff

instrumental bit:

x0040x x0400x 02024x ------ (x3) (first chord x0060x if you want
                                  to mirror the piano solo)
5555xx 57575x 2x2000 02024x
5555xx 57575x x22200 (or poss 79760x if you fancy trying it)

Note: In the main riff, both the 4's come off quite often half way
through the chord. In the 2x4000 chord you tend to hit the top
string towards end of the bar.

Tabbed by Chris Healey