Violin Tuner 440htz

Tuning your violin

This violin tuner uses hi quality sounds to tune your violin to. Use the fine tuners at the top of the tailpiece of your violin to fine tune once you are close to the pitch from the violin tuner. Use your tuning pegs to get the notes close to the violin tuner sound.

Choose from a variety of sounds from Legato, Pizzicato to a Sine Wave. Also tune all sounds to either 440htz(concert pitch) or 432htz.

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Tuning by ear, is there a science to it?

Tuning the violin by ear is tricky, but there is a scientific method. A method used by piano tuners. When two incorrect pitches are played at the same time you will hear a fluctuation in tone. What is "this" tone??? It almost sounds like vibrato, but this is not one tone vibrating in pitch, this is two pitches which do not vibrate at the same frequency, thus causing constant interference. This interference is a whirring sound with equal time values. Even as the pitches velocity fades the time values of the whirring sound stay the same. The further the two pitches are out of tune, the shorter the whirring sound will be. So when tuning your violin to this violin tuner, listen for the whirring sound getting slower until you cannot hear the interference anymore. That is when you can be sure you have them in pitch.

Training your ear to be accurate is possible

This is not only an extremely accurate way of tuning, but it also trains your ear to listen for subtle nuances of sound which in general increase your pitch sensitivity and further fine tunes your own pitch as you play the violin.