About GTDB

It started out in 2008 as a simple database for me to organise all of Nick Drake's tunings for each song. I decided to put it online in its simplest form at around 2010. Since then, with the help of user contributions it has become the only dedicated place on the internet to document and generate chords, scales and tabs for any alternate tunings.

Tunings 1751

Tabs 409

Songs 1993

Chords 520047

Scales 192610

Updates History

March 2020
  1. Chord Sheets: Added ability to mark fret notes on chords and save positions.
  2. Search: Added Algolia search to main header and chord sheet generator.
July 2019
  1. Added three extra notes on the submit tuning page. You can now submit tunings with up to 9 strings but still a minimum of 6 for now.
  2. Updated all chord sheets and scales to accommodate the new 7 to 9 string tunings
  3. Added new mega menu to the nav bar with a few more links than was currently available. Top ten tunings, All producer link etc
  4. Added function to change the sound of the guitar tuner. They will all default to the Acoustic guitar. The user can now switch to distorted electric guitar and some experimental synth sounds to boot.
  5. Improved the way chord sheets are saved for logged in users.
  6. Various style and layouts fixes.
  7. Fixed direct traffic where user tried a tuning in the url that didn't exist. Now redirects to the correct place to submit missing content.
  8. Added Harmonic Major to scales and chord maps.
  9. Added Mixolydian, Mixolydian Ionian & Octatonic to scales and also included the intervals for each scale.
  10. Added history section to about page.
December 2017
  1. Site wide update caching all chord sheets drastically speeding up page load time. SQL queries reduced from sometimes 100s to less than 10.
November 2017
  1. Added ability to switch all tuners to 432htz.
  2. Integrated YouTube API to show related videos on tuning pages.
April 2017
  1. Create function for users to save favourite tunings.
    User Favourite Tunings
May 2016
  1. Open registrations and create functions for users to create custom chord sheets. User Chord Sheets
July 2014
  1. Ported the site to Laravel from WordPress. Bon Voyage to years of point and click systems!
February 2012
  1. Finally added programmatically generated chord maps and scales for all tunings.
February 2010
  1. Register gtdb.org and create first WordPress iteration of Guitar Tunings Database.
January 2009
  1. Nick Drake database was born using PHP Runner.