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Michael Hedges

Artist Song Tuning Tab
Michael HedgesMagic FarmercfcgaeView tab
Michael HedgesRickovers DreamCGDGBCView tab
Michael HedgesSister SoulABEF#AD
Michael HedgesBensusanCGDGAC
Michael HedgesScenesDADEAB
Michael HedgesNaked StalkDADEAB
Michael HedgesJealous TunnelDADEAB
Michael HedgesSilent AnticipationDADGCE
Michael HedgesBaby ToesDADGCD
Michael HedgesRootwichDADGCC
Michael HedgesRitual DanceDADGCC
Michael HedgesTwo Days OldDGDGA#C
Michael HedgesFusion Of The 5 ElementsDAEFAE
Michael HedgesLenonoFADGBE