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The largest database for alternate guitar tunings on the internet. GTDB has been gathering information, chords, scales and tabs on different guitar tunings for over 5 years.

Currently boasting 346 tunings, 102762 chords, 38060 scales and 260 tabs.


Chords & Chord Maps

Chord maps are a way to find chords you already know in the Standard EADGBE tuning, then transmute them into any tuning you want. For instance you may know C Major in Standard, but but playing a C in another tuning requires relearning chords.

Take any chord map in your favourite tuning, choose a few notes from the map that look within reach and you'll have a tonally different sounding chord but it will be C Major you was looking for.



As with chords above, an array of scales have been worked out to correspond with your favourite tuning. From Major to Minor to the more obscure scale like Major Hungarian. From the nut up to the 18th fret scales notes are morked in black with the root marked in green.

Each alternate guitar tuning has 10 scales.

  • Harmonic Minor
  • Locrian
  • Lydian
  • Major
  • Major Hungarian
  • Major Pentatonic
  • Melodic Minor
  • Minor
  • Minor Locrian
  • Minor Pentatonic


Guitar Tuner

Tune your guitar to any tuning with our guitar tuner.

Tuning is easy by ear. Just click the first guitar tuner button and match your low (E string) to it. The notes on the guitar tuner from left to right are from the lowest to the highest. More information about tuning by ear using our guitar tuners can be found here

Guitar Tuners

Guitar Tunings Database

Whats in here?

The Guitar Tunings DB has 346 online guitar tuners, chord charts and scale charts. All guitar alternate tuners have their own page. Each guitar tuner page links to Chord and Scale charts and respective song lists which use the guitar tuner.

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Top Tunings More

Name Tuning Chords Scales Rank
All FourthsEADGCFChordsScales1
Open C6CGCGAEChordsScales2
Ben HowardCGCGGCChordsScales3
Modal GDGDGCDChordsScales4
Modal DDADGADChordsScales6
Standard Tone+Semi DownC#F#BEG#C#ChordsScales7
Open CCGCGCEChordsScales8
Open GDGDGBDChordsScales9
Open DDADF#ADChordsScales10

Latest Tunings More

Name Tuning Chords Scales Date
FFCFAD (6th string F a half step above standard tuned bass low E, 5th string a half step above standard tuned guitars low E)FFCFADChordsScales2014 12 17
DADGAD - one half step downC#G#C#F#G#C#ChordsScales2014 12 13
All time high tuningC#ADABC#ChordsScales2014 12 12
Modal Esus4EBEABEChordsScales2014 12 07
IIOID#G#C#F#F#C#ChordsScales2014 11 28

Latest Tabs More

Tuning Artist Song Title Tab Link Date
EADEBEEd SheeranTenerife SeaTab2014 12 11
C#F#BEG#C#PanteraIm BrokenTab2014 11 17
FACGAEYvette YoungA Map a String a LightTab2014 10 11
CFCFACRich RobinsonVeilTab2014 09 26
EBD#F#BETallest Man on EarthRevelation BluesTab2014 09 20