DADGAD - Modal D


The DADGAD tuning was used extensively by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and The Yardbirds in the late 60s and 70s. While with The Yardbirds Page recorded an instrumental entitled White Summer itself inspired by the first recorded DADGAD tune Davey Graham\'s arrangement of the traditional Irish tune She Moved Through the Fair . On Led Zeppelin s eponymous first album Led Zeppelin he used this guitar tuning to perform Black Mountain Side though he detuned the entire guitar by one-half a step for the recording so it was really D?-A?-D?-G?-A?-D? \(where the ? denotes a flattened note\)--the piece which was strongly influenced by Bert Jansch s earlier arrangement of a traditional Irish song called Blackwater Side \(though Jansch actually used drop D tuning\). Page later revisited the DADGAD tuning for the song Kashmir which appeared on the band s sixth album Physical Graffiti.



Songs tuned to DADGAD

Artist Song Album Tab
Led Zeppelin Kashmir Physical Graffiti I Tab
Jimmy Page White Summer Tab
Bert Jansch She Moved Through the Fair Tab
Led Zeppelin Black Mountain Side Tab
Jose Gonzalez Save Your Day Tab
Andy Mckee Drifting Tab
Crosby Stills And Nash Daylight Again Tab
Dan Patlansky 20 Stones 20 Stones
A Day To Remember If It Means A Lot To You
Disney Stars send it on
Disney Stars send it on
Disney Stars send it on
John Sid Band Feelin Satisfied For Loving You
My Heart Will Go On titanic
Ben Howard
Al Petteway Sligo Creek
Soggy Bottom costant sorrow
Oficina G3 Incondicional Depois da Guerra Tab
All Time Low Dear Maria Count Me In Acoustic So Wrong, It's Right Tab
The Civil Wars Barton Hollow Barton Hollow
Ed Sheeran Photograph x (multiply) Tab
Neil Young goin back comes a time Tab
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